Day 16: Volunteer

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Today’s objective: Consider possibilities of volunteering and the benefits of it.

Volunteering has many positive effects: it increases the feeling of connectedness with your community and further wards off loneliness and depression. From a self-love perspective, it encourages gratitude, generosity and kindness. And if that isn’t enough: a 2012 study conducted by scientists from the University of Michigan found that people who volunteer have a lower mortality rate – than people who don’t. On top of it all, it can be a lot of fun: think the possibility of meeting lots of interesting people in an environment which is much more suited to social interaction and making contacts than the traditional, commercial gay scene. In fact, while living in London, myself and several of my friends swore that volunteering is by far the best way to meet other people: friends and lovers… you decide.

If you are already volunteering: well done. And I’m sure you need no more convincing about the benefits volunteering can bring. However, if you are not currently volunteering, use

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“I went from questioning myself and self doubting to
building love for myself. Thank you!”

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Four Alternative Ways of Meeting New (not only gay) Friends

Moving to a new city is exciting. And it also means having to find new friends… which can be a daunting task – especially as an adult and working from home… I know from my SWIPES analysis that friends and an active social life are very important to me… I literally get grumpy when I’m left on my own for too long. So I need to address this as a high priority point as soon as moving. Thus,  I came up with a few strategies I’ll use when getting to Lisbon (of course, you don’t have to move cities to use these strategies – they work just as well “at home”). As some of these strategies have already worked well in London for me, I’m quite hopeful I can do something similar in Lisbon. Though first, two strategies which seem popular and easy… Continue reading “Four Alternative Ways of Meeting New (not only gay) Friends”