Day 17: Taoist Sex and the PC Muscle

Today’s objective: Explore Taoist views and strengthen your PC muscle The last three days we focused on ideas born within the tradition of Taoism. Today the focus is on expanding a little beyond the techniques and see how Taoism views sexuality – including gay sex. The basic premise of all sex in Taoism is the balance of yin, the female force, and yang, the male force. Taoism believes that when two people have sex with each other, they charge each: so for two men, two yang meet each other. The result is more sexual energy. Something which makes balancing the […]

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Day 15: Taoist Breathing, the Microcosmic Orbit

Today’s objective: Learn to breathe to prolong sex without ejaculation While you were performing yesterday’s activity, you might have noticed the crucial role that breathing has when you are close to cuming. Many guys speed up their breath when they are approaching orgasm, some hold their breath immediately before. As during Taoist sex you try to avoid ejaculation (but not orgasm) you can use breath as a way to control you. The most basic way is to intentionally breathe slowly and regularly. For some guys slowing down the breathing is enough to bump you over the line between orgasm and […]

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Welcome to the Sexual Discovery workshop!

Welcome! Welcome to this workshop and this journey! Starting on Saturday, the next 30 days we will talk sex. Lots of sex. In fact, a little bit of sex every day. The key theme over the next 30 days is your own, personal and individual sexual discovery. What is it that you really like? What turn you on? What things would you like to try? Whom are you as a sexual person? And how do you use sex to relate to other people.

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30 Days of Sexual Discovery… Day by Day

Your hottest summer yet: 30 days of sex positive, playful learning – are you ready? Just a few more days before the online version of the Sexual Discovery workshop will start! Here is a sneak peak at all the topics for each day… so make sure you check back on the 1. July to start your personal journey of sexual discovery! Overview and Aims Sex Negativity Shame Fear Sex Positivity Your sexual routines Your fantasy scripts Owning your sex Learning about sex Talking about desires Consent seeking Talking consent Exploring masturbation Non-ejaculatory masturbation Taoist breathing techniques Taoist stop techniques Taoist […]

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Coming 1 July: 30 Days Sexual Discovery

30 days of sex positive activities, self discovery and hot, playful learning! The free, 30 day of workshop will start 1 July, exclusively for urbangay members. Broaden your sexual horizon: experiment with new ways to play, discover ancient sex secrets and write your very own sexual manifesto! From multiorgasmic play to kink – it’s a journey like no other. Topics covered in the workshop: Develop a sex positive attitude Dealing with fear, shame and guilt How to “own” your sex Making consent sexy Taoist multiorgasm techniques Tantra intimacy rituals Toys, BDSM and public play Jealousy and relationships. I never really […]

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