Give the Gift of Tantra

Christmas is the time of giving… but giving just another perfume, more wine or the latest underwear often isn’t as meaningful as something really deep and connected. So, this Christmas, why not give something that no money can buy to the most important person(s) in your life: pure love, sacred intimacy and unconditional pleasure? If you have already experimented with tantra, you’ll know how the most basic tantric “steps” can bring new levels of intimacy and connectedness to you and your partner. And if you haven’t tried out this powerful way to connect, why not do it right now? The […]

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5 Reasons to schedule a long sex session with your partner – right now.

With the nights getting longer, here are five great reasons to make room in your busy schedule for a longer sex session with your partner – right now. 1. Really feel the sex Spontaneous and quick sex is great, however, it is often over before your mind had time to “arrive”. Scheduling a longer session gives both of you time to prepare, look forward to and really bring your mind with you to feel all the sensations and be present. 2. Create intimacy Often sex is confused with creating intimacy in a relationship. And while sex is really important in […]

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day 21.001

Day 21: Tantric Sex

Today’s objective: Create a tantric experience While Tantra often gets associated mostly with massage, tantric play can be much more between two or more lovers. The first and most important key to tantric play is that orgasm is not the objective. Rather, tantric play emphasises the intimate connections between lovers, through mutual touch, meditation, massage and sex. It makes sense that such a play session is not hurried, rather that it slowly evolves from the initial connecting phases to actual sex and climax. While the popular idea of three or more hours of sex is quite extreme, you can imagine […]

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day 20.001

Day 20: Prostate Massage

Today’s objective: Brush up on the male G-spot It’s probably a pretty open secret that a man’s most pleasurable body part is not the penis… but what lies behind the penis: the prostate gland, the male g-spot or the scared gland as some tantric practitioners call it. Whatever you call it, it is the gland that gives you the most pleasure when you bottom – or when you massage the scrotum. If you have never tried to locate the gland, it is also fairly easy to find. You can try it out either by yourself or on your partner: Insert […]

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day 19.001

Day 19: Tantric Genital Massage (Lingam Massage)

Today’s objective: Explore tantric massage techniques Tantric massage has achieved something of a nearly mystical status. And while it is an amazing ways to massage your partner, in the end, tantric massage is relatively similar to a gentle massage… with the exception of it ending up focusing on the penis (or lingam as it is called in Tantric circles). Of course, it is important to remember that, although there is focus on the penis, an actual orgasm is a bonus – but it is not the foremost goal of the massage. To start a tantric massage session make sure the […]

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day 18.001

Day 18: Tantra Breathing and Connecting

Today’s objective: Experiment with tantric connection Tantra, at least for gay men, has become synonymous for massage through the pioneering work of several writers and teachers who have adopted Tantra to gay sex. However, it is important to note that Tantra goes far beyond slow and intimate forms of massage: it is about connecting fully with the other person through breathing, touch and sex. In other words, it is about a deep and intimate connection. Tantra has some similarities to Taoist views about sex. Two particularly important similarities are that both use breathing extensively (though differently) and both consider the […]

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day 14.001

Day 14: Edge yourself

Today’s objective: Understand the logic of “non-ejaculation” If cuming, as a way of saying ejaculation, sounds like the best thing in sex to you… you are not alone: I reckon 99% of males think exactly that. The problem? Most men learn from puberty onwards that ejaculation and orgasm are the same. And that means you can’t have multiple orgasms immediately after each other. But… luckily that is simply not true. It just requires a bit of unlearning to figure out how to orgasm multiple times… Most of the ancient techniques that teach men how to orgasm multiple times come from […]

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Day 1: Overview and Expectations

Today’s objective: Get an overview over the workshop topics and what you expect. So… are you ready to start? Great! I’m sure you have already looked at the content and seen some of the chapter headings. So let me briefly explain why the topics are there and how the journey will work. The first part of the workshop addresses different topics surrounding sex and sexuality: it is less about doing anything, and more about the role sex plays in the society you live in. Societal influences often have a massive influence on how we see things, either consciously or unconsciously. […]

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Welcome to the Sexual Discovery workshop!

Welcome! Welcome to this workshop and this journey! Starting on Saturday, the next 30 days we will talk sex. Lots of sex. In fact, a little bit of sex every day. The key theme over the next 30 days is your own, personal and individual sexual discovery. What is it that you really like? What turn you on? What things would you like to try? Whom are you as a sexual person? And how do you use sex to relate to other people.

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30 Days of Sexual Discovery… Day by Day

Your hottest summer yet: 30 days of sex positive, playful learning – are you ready? Just a few more days before the online version of the Sexual Discovery workshop will start! Here is a sneak peak at all the topics for each day… so make sure you check back on the 1. July to start your personal journey of sexual discovery! Overview and Aims Sex Negativity Shame Fear Sex Positivity Your sexual routines Your fantasy scripts Owning your sex Learning about sex Talking about desires Consent seeking Talking consent Exploring masturbation Non-ejaculatory masturbation Taoist breathing techniques Taoist stop techniques Taoist […]

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