Day 17: Learn something new

Today’s objective: Explore learning opportunities around you. The final day of the general self-love section has arrived… and hopefully you already feel some of the effects. The final suggestion of this part is to think about learning something new: a language, a skill or just whatever you think is interesting. Sadly, school and much of formal further and higher learning seem to be the worst ambassadors for learning. And many people get scarred for live with the forced learning experiences they make at an early age. But, if you open your mind and approach it with a positive attitude, purely […]

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Day 14: Small goals

Today’s objective: Learn the importance of breaking down big goals into small steps. The biggest challenge of making big changes … is that they are big. All to often, particularly if you don’t feel very confident, doing something new or making changes seems like a massive thing. The result is that for many big changes, people often start things but give up along the way as it seems not leading anywhere. Others just give up before starting. The problem with that is not just the issue of wasted hours trying to pursue a goal or objective, but also the toxic […]

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Day 12: Act confident

Today’s objective: Learn about the connection of posture, gestures and feelings – and how you can use it to feel happier, more confident and sexier. Do you know a simple trick for feeling happy right now? Smile. Yes, force yourself to smile. Smile for a few seconds. And you’ll see it will actually lighten your mood. There is a simple truth about this trick: act the way you want to feel, and you will feel the way you act. Why this is, is mostly in the realm of speculation. Fact is, End of the preview. “I went from questioning myself […]

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Making changes? Top 5 tips to keep on track!

If you read self-help advice or websites on how to make changes in your life, it often seems that change is fast and easy. But once anyone embarks on making changes, they quickly realise that things don’t go quite as quickly as planned. So it is really important to remember, when you make changes to your life, give yourself time for change to happen. You will have setbacks, you may even loose all motivation for a while. But that is just a sign that you are on the right track: it may feel like not making much progress, but you […]

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Day 31: Sustaining the progress from the bootcamp

Wow! Well done you on completing 30 days of the bootcamp! This is amazing! We have touched on so many things over the last month, I’m sure it was quite a ride! Remember to check back in and pick out the good parts that you feel were particularly beneficial for you. It would also be great to hear from you which parts you enjoyed most! New: urbangay now has a community function – so please take the time and share your experiences there! If you haven’t checked out the next “30 day” programs, have a look. Each program will pick […]

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Day 18: Using Mindfulness to develop your life vision and mission

After yesterday’s activity, today we use blue sky thinking to create a vision and mission statement for yourself. Today has two activities to create the vision and mission: one “rational” one, one based on meditation. Depending on what type of person you are and if you are more emotional or thought driven, you can do either of them first. If you consider yourself more thought-driven and rational, then start with the first exercise. If you are more emotional, or indeed find the thought of rationally developing in a vision for yourself too challenging, you may find it easier to start […]

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Day 17: Using meditation and mindfulness as guides: life choices

Yesterday you created lists of activities based on if you perceive them as either nourishing or depleting. That exercise should have helped you to delve into more detail of the here and now in your life, giving you a inventory of where you stand at this moment. Importantly, you should have been able to identify themes in your life: groups and types of activities that enrich you. Today, it is time to take a helicopter perspective: the aim for today is to try and look forward, taking some the nourishing themes with you going forward – and minimising the depleting […]

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urbangay bootcamp: Day by Day

With just a week away, here is a look at the day to day program of the urbangay bootcamp, which starts on the 1. March.  As you can see, the bootcamp is divided into two parts: Part 1 is the “skills” section: in this part, daily activities and material will cover the basic skills of mindfulness and meditation in a no-nonsense and easy to follow way. Part 2 is the “application” section: here the skills from part 1 are the essential tools to take a break, have a look at life and love – and discover a bit more about […]

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Why 30 days?

Why is the bootcamp 30 days long? You may have heard about the idea that new habits need 21 days to become established. Unfortunately though, this is a bit of a myth. The actual number is much longer, and depends on a lot of different factors. The actual number would be 66 days  at least according to science. However, it can be shorter or longer depending on the individual – and the habit. Thus, the obvious question would be: why not a 66 day bootcamp? The easy answer: it is really about getting started on a journey – not all […]

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Body, mind, happiness: the urbangay way

I had no reason to be unhappy: everything was fine. But I had a nagging feeling that everything could be amazing. The idea for urbangay didn’t start as an idea to create a specific program or even a specific approach… In fact, it all started as a personal growth project … and grew from there. How? A few years ago things didn’t really go well for me: not that there was anything specific wrong that needed fixing. I had a stable job at as a university lecturer, traveled a lot, owned a nice apartment with an amazing view over the […]

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