Day 4: Self-Care

Today’s objective: Understanding that caring for yourself and others go hand in hand. Regularly caring for yourself can seem like it is selfish. It also seems a contradiction to helping others: but it isn’t. At least not, if it is practiced in a way that is balanced with helping others (which in turn is a really great impetus for self-love). In fact, when self-care is exercised as balanced activity, it makes sure you have the power and ability to help others. Thus, it is an essential part of caring for others – and critical for maintaining you in a healthy […]

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Day 9: Friends

Today’s objective: Reflecting on the role of friendships and taking stock of your friends. Friends and friendships are probably the most important asset when it comes to loving yourself and loving others: the time spend with people who really are your friends can be the most curative time. But all too often, friendships are left behind when life is busy or friendships are relegated to the few minutes you have between other things to do. End of the preview. “I went from questioning myself and self doubting to building love for myself. Thank you!” The full workshop with all activities […]

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Day 7: Positivity

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. (Milton Berle) Today’s objective: Understanding why positivity is essential for recognising opportunities going forward. If you remember the basic idea from day 2, gratitude, kindness, caring, forgiving and generosity together create an altogether more positive outlook, and in turn contribute to a more positive self-esteem and thus help to generate true self-love. In other words, these activities generate “positivity” and optimism. However, while each one of the previous five activities are powerful tools, the brain also can be trained to recognise more actively positive patterns. This is especially important when confronted with negative […]

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