Let’s talk Vintage Porn

Porn? Tricky subject. I don’t know about you… but I really feel very unsure about porn these days. On the one side, it is great stuff. Educational, liberating and it has a lot of positives. But on the other hand, porn seems to cause a lot of problems. From body image problems to ideas about what sex should be like. I certainly had a fair share of lovers and people I spoke to over the years, who seemed to reenact, sometimes unwillingly, porn scenes – and were usually disappointed with the real thing. Some guys I spoke to even went as far as thinking they totally failed at sex because it didn’t compare to the 5 minute snippet they saw on Tumblr… not everyone came at the same time, not everyone looked like Adonis, sex on the beach was sandy… and actually, sometimes the boring stuff was (and is!) more sexy than the visually appealing stuff (Hint: imagine watching a few hours of tantra sex … I challenge you not to fall asleep no matter how much you fancy what you are seeing!).

So, is the best way to avoid porn altogether? Mhhh… well, some people seem to think so. But a friend of mine recently came up with a much better idea, something I hadn’t thought of: try vintage porn. 1970s or before.

Obviously I was curious about this, so I googled a bit – and presto. There are some really cool sites which have it (either specialising in it, … or they have a few videos/pictures). The amazing thing that porn from that area has: despite the often completely hilarious story lines (they themselves are worth half the search), actually the men and the sex seems much more “real”. And with real I mean really sexy: instead of the usual well trimmed, shaved and hairless bodies, you see all types of shapes and sizes. Sometimes guys are hard, sometimes they are not. Far from body perfect and some sterilised sexual “fantasy”, it mostly seems as if the guys really had sex without a script – and enjoyed what they were doing. And rather than being in bed in an anonymous hotel room, they do it… well anywhere. You can find awkward undressing scenes at home, discussing what they are going to do, … all the stuff you never see in modern porn. Actually, it was seriously sexy watching these guys going for it, and even the not so occasionally cheesy music couldn’t distract from it…

So, if you want to treat yourself to some real men (or real boys) having real fun – try and give vintage a try – it may just be the sexiest fun ever. If you fancy one of my favourites: Try searching for “Wonder Men” which makes my porn-superhero list easily. But don’t let my taste influence you… explore and have fun!

And don’t forget to share what you think about Vintage porn: do you like the bad story lines? Or the natural men? The sex? What do you like? Share it below!

How to find information about Gay Lisbon – online

Image-1If you haven’t heard much about gay life in Portugal it may be because it is actually quite tricky to find a lot of information online. Sadly, there isn’t an easily accessible array of magazines such as Boyz or QX in London, or Siegessäule in Berlin (with a well maintained English section). And even local websites are often hopelessly out of date (the local TimeOut website used to have events from three years ago… and now just redirects to their facebook page). So… it is a little more tricky to find out what is going on.

Sadly, a lot of information isn’t available in English. However, the good thing about Portuguese is  that, at least in the written form, you can probably make out the essential words by looking at them.

And for everything else… there is this hopefully somewhat complete and reasonable useful guide… Continue reading “How to find information about Gay Lisbon – online”