5 ways to have a #GayAutumn in #GayLisbon

It is the sad fact of summer that soon it will come to an end… but that doesn’t mean your autumn has to be boring! On the contrary, there are plenty of great options to make this the most fun autumn ever in #GayLisbon 1. Get cultured… The iconic gay and a bit else film festival QueerLisboa returns from 15-23 September, jam-packed with great films to watch. 2. Party, party, party… Downside of August? No parties. So check out Conga, Spit N Polish and Maria Lisboa for the party schedule in autumn. 3. Get social… Films, parties, concerts, dinners… Add […]

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July Agenda for #GayLisbon

This month is festival time in #GayLisbon…hopefully you have recovered from Pride last month, because it is time to put your dancing shoes on before the August holidays! So here are all the parties for the month: Conga Club: Tensnake – Queen of the Desert 8 July @TimeOut Market– check their Facebook or Instagram Page for details Trumps HOT Season 7-9 July @Trumps – see their website for details LesBoat LesBoat Party 15 July @on the river – see their facebook event for details BJWHF Pit Beach 13-14 July see their website for details. Actually a sport festival,… with socials! […]

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Lisbon Gay Beaches

With beach season in full swing, here are a few tips for days where you want to cool off by the sea side close to Lisbon… Praia 19 / Beach 19 (Costa de Caparica) Possibly the largest and definitely most famous gay beach of Lisbon. The fame of it helped by a Antonio Da Silva arty porn movie shot there. The easiest way to reach it is to head for Fonte da Telha, using the ferry from Cais do Sodre and then buses 127 or 145 (see here for timetables).  Then, on the beach, head a little north and you […]

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Agenda for Pride month June in GayLisbon

It’s here! A month of pride! Bear Pride! Lisbon Pride! With the hottest party coming up right on Terreiro do Paço/Praça do Comércio as part of Lisbon Pride. Dance a full 12 hours on Europe’s most iconic square (Yes, it’s the one above!)… Party with the sexy residents of Lisbon until the sunrise over the Tagus… There is no pride in the world quite like it! Can you miss it? So here are all the parties for the month: Lisbon Bear Pride Tr3s bar’s sexy, cuddly, hairy festival! 31 May – 5 June 2017 Lisbon Bear Pride Lisbon Pride: Pride March: […]

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May Agenda … for #GayLisbon

It’s almost summer… all the heat, minus the family visiting from the North Pole – what’s not to like?!! So, with ❤️ from Lisbon: Here are the dates for your GayLisbon diary in May 2017. The must-be seen at party of the month: Lesboa Party… because they are bringing over Brazilian superstar Inês Brazil… who is famous for…. well, just see her introduction video here. Conga Club: Fonda: Touchdown 6 May – check their Facebook or Instagram Page for details Maria Lisboa Bootcamp 5 May Check their Facebook page for details Spit ’n Polish: Silver 13 May @ Ministerium Club […]

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February Agenda in GayLisbon

Getting ready to welcome spring?  Here are the parties in Lisbon in February 2017 as far as I could find them. The recommended party of the month: Lesboa Party – not just for girls. Conga Club: Sado Maso Disco 4 February – check their Facebook or Instagram Page for details Lesboa Party: Decadence avec Elegance 25 February – check their Facebook page for details. Maria Lisboa Maria Lisboa Airlines 3 February Check their Facebook page for details Spit ’n Polish: White 4 February @ Ministerium Club – check their Instagram page for more details Centro LGBT: More details on their […]

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January Agenda in GayLisbon

These are the cooler and/or irregular parties happening in Lisbon in January 2017 as far as I could find them. The most noteworthy: the return of Maria Lisboa – the legendary lesbian and friends club (see below). For an annual overview of events, see annual LGBTQ+ events in Lisbon (useful if you are planning a trip to Lisbon!). To make sure you receive next months list – and all the blog posts in a neat and easy to read format – sign up to my newsletter here (it’s free… and I won’t ever sell your address! Promised!). Conga Club: Fonda! […]

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The 2017 Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to get fit in 2017? If so… then here is the 2017 Fitness Challenge for you! OK… it is a small challenge with a gentle start. The basic premise is to build up to running the Lisbon Half Marathon in March, although you obviously don’t have to run the actual race in Lisbon to be part of the challenge (although it is a pretty neat ‘excuse’ to visit Lisbon, in case you need an excuse!). The challenge is a simple three days a week running – and twice fitness to take care of the rest. Two rest […]

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So… what are Portuguese guys like?

“Now that you are in Lisbon… what are the guys like?” seems to be the popular first question I get asked a lot by friends… let’s see if I can cobble together some very unscientific, personal, tongue-in-cheek and totally non-generalisable answers based on my first few months here…

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Looking to meet new people? Try

If you haven’t tried it yet, is a great platform to meet all sorts of interesting people (gay, straight and all). It is a pretty popular platform in London, where you can join (I’m focusing on the gay/LGBTQ+-groups here) anything from naked yoga groups to learning to speak French. Sadly, in Lisbon it isn’t quite as big and varied… but it is still a great, free resource to connect with others in town (not just LGBTQ+ folks). On the “comunity” side, there are at the moment basically two main groups: The Comunidade Queer & Friends-LGBTQIA Portugal is a VERY […]

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