Coming 1 July: 30 Days Sexual Discovery

30 days of sex positive activities, self discovery and hot, playful learning! The free, 30 day of workshop will start 1 July, exclusively for urbangay members. Broaden your sexual horizon: experiment with new ways to play, discover ancient sex secrets and write your very own sexual manifesto! From multiorgasmic play to kink – it’s a journey like no other. Topics covered in the workshop: Develop a sex positive attitude Dealing with fear, shame and guilt How to “own” your sex Making consent sexy Taoist multiorgasm techniques Tantra intimacy rituals Toys, BDSM and public play Jealousy and relationships. I never really […]

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Day 29: Mindful Kink

What are your (maybe secret?) fantasies? How can you make them reality? Today we focus on exploring those fantasies and your boundaries, using mindful sex as a guide.  “Kink” is really just another term for unusual… but what is “unusual” will obviously depend highly on your individual take on sex. I’m not trying to delve too much into the differences between kink and fetish at this stage, and I’m intentionally not trying to define what exactly is kink: for some fluffy handcuffs may be very kinky, for others kink just starts with a full latex outfit. Having sex outdoors is […]

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