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Ready for more? Great! Because there is some great new and free stuff coming up on urbangay! All you need to do… is be there! If you haven’t looked at the upcoming “30 day” series coming up, have a look here. And the first one will start next Monday – so here is a sneak preview of what you can expect from Self love: body, mind, soul !

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The gay scene and modern gay life can be a hard place to love yourself. Much is about competition, being better and sadly, little is about recognising just how amazing you as an individual are. But there are a few simple tricks to remind you to love yourself more, get more confidence and develop as a happier you. And the 30 day program starting on Monday, 1 May is all about that.

The program is a 30 day, daily activity program to dramatically boost your confidence, self-love and self-image. No matter how you feel about yourself at this moment, it will help to boost how you really and authentically feel about yourself.

The program has three parts, particularly useful for gay men.

1) First, the program introduces basic principles of feeling happy with yourself. With daily reflections and activities, when you follow the 30 day program, you will learn a set of tools that can dramatically help to boost your confidence and happiness.

2) Secondly, the program applies the basic principles to yourself. You’ll learn how to appreciate yourself more, display your new confidence and become someone that can inspire others from a foundation of solid self-love.

3) In the third part we look specifically at body image, because relating positively to you and your body is an important basis for a happy life and sexual expression. In this part we will develop more confidence in showing your body and the ability to give and receive intimacy and reduce shame and doubt.

To join the program? It’s super easy! Simply come back to daily for the daily activity. During May, it will be completely free and available for you to take part, share and save as you wish. If you are already subscribing to the newsletter, you will get the weekly digest. After the program is complete, it will be available to download.

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4 little Happiness Rituals

A friend recently shared this article about 4 “rituals” to make you happy as seen by a neuroscientist on Facebook.  As I read through it, I was really glad to see how this scientific view supports what I’m doing here together with you guys – as part of the bootcamp and as part of the upcoming “30 Days for…” series.

Let’s see what the scientist said: 4 simple strategies to make you happy:
1. Practice gratitude
2. Label negative feelings
3. Make that decision
4. Touch people

1. Practice gratitude
Day 19 of the bootcamp was all about that. But maybe it is something to pay special attention to. I know from myself, I have a little trick to make me feel good, which is actually exactly the gratitude ritual: Every time I feel a bit low, maybe missing friends from before or something isn’t going quite the way I want it, I remind myself how lucky I am to live in this amazing city. I look outside to see the sunshine, the blue sky… that sort of thing. And BOOM… I feel better. OK, I had no neurological explanation for this. But, I know it works for me. And thanks to the article I now know why, too!

2. Label negative feelings
BOOM… another one of the “déjà-vu”s: Exactly what you do when you acknowledge negative feelings (or indeed all sorts of emotions) in Mindfulness. Examine the feeling, look at the feeling – and letting it go. The exercise on Day 10 is pretty much concerned with this… although it doesn’t explicitly ask you to label the feeling. But maybe that is a good idea to work into the practice.

3. Make that decision
OK… this I have not really done much about. I guess the “big picture” decisions, the one everyone loves putting off are covered in the life choices (Day 17) to some extent… but the smaller decisions are certainly worth remembering, too. So… let’s add that to the list!

4. Touch people
Oh yes… now that goes right to the heart of the last parts of the bootcamp – and is very much at the centre of the urbangay idea. Touch in all its forms: friendly, compassionate, caring, intimate, sexual… tantric…. Touch, hug, kiss, massage, feel, experience… Again, great to see it coming with the scientific explanation as to why this works.

Overall, I think we are on the right track with the urbangay “happiness” idea: A bit more decisive decision making, but three out of four is a pretty good start. And, of course, I’d love to hear what you think about these four rituals – or indeed any of the ideas from the bootcamp and beyond. Please let me know!

Day 31: Sustaining the progress from the bootcamp

Wow! Well done you on completing 30 days of the bootcamp! This is amazing! We have touched on so many things over the last month, I’m sure it was quite a ride! Remember to check back in and pick out the good parts that you feel were particularly beneficial for you. It would also be great to hear from you which parts you enjoyed most! New: urbangay now has a community function – so please take the time and share your experiences there!

If you haven’t checked out the next “30 day” programs, have a look. Each program will pick up one of the themes from the bootcamp and develop it in much greater detail. Check them all out here.

In addition to being freely available on while they are running, they will become available as PDF-workbook downloads after the 30 days. So please make sure you get them!

I hope the bootcamp has been a good 30 days and it would be great to hear from you! Please also remember to share the bootcamp with your friends.

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