5 ways to have a #GayAutumn in #GayLisbon

It is the sad fact of summer that soon it will come to an end… but that doesn’t mean your autumn has to be boring! On the contrary, there are plenty of great options to make this the most fun autumn ever in #GayLisbon 1. Get cultured… The iconic gay and a bit else film festival QueerLisboa returns from 15-23 September, jam-packed with great films to watch. 2. Party, party, party… Downside of August? No parties. So check out Conga, Spit N Polish and Maria Lisboa for the party schedule in autumn. 3. Get social… Films, parties, concerts, dinners… Add […]

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April in GayLisbon … Eggs and chocolate please!

Getting ready to have eggs and chocolate?  Here are the dates for your GayLisbon diary in April 2017 as far as I could find them. The recommended party of the month: Conga Club… because it is all about getting fit for summer! Conga Club: Freedom feels Good 1 April – check their Facebook or Instagram Page for details Maria Lisboa 10 Anniversary 7 April Check their Facebook page for details Spit ’n Polish: Silver 8 April @ Ministerium Club – check their Instagram page for more details MeetupGroups International LGBT Network Lisbon Cusek Bar LGBT Evenings Sports in Lisbon Check […]

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February Agenda in GayLisbon

Getting ready to welcome spring?  Here are the parties in Lisbon in February 2017 as far as I could find them. The recommended party of the month: Lesboa Party – not just for girls. Conga Club: Sado Maso Disco 4 February – check their Facebook or Instagram Page for details Lesboa Party: Decadence avec Elegance 25 February – check their Facebook page for details. Maria Lisboa Maria Lisboa Airlines 3 February Check their Facebook page for details Spit ’n Polish: White 4 February @ Ministerium Club – check their Instagram page for more details Centro LGBT: More details on their […]

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January Agenda in GayLisbon

These are the cooler and/or irregular parties happening in Lisbon in January 2017 as far as I could find them. The most noteworthy: the return of Maria Lisboa – the legendary lesbian and friends club (see below). For an annual overview of events, see annual LGBTQ+ events in Lisbon (useful if you are planning a trip to Lisbon!). To make sure you receive next months list – and all the blog posts in a neat and easy to read format – sign up to my newsletter here (it’s free… and I won’t ever sell your address! Promised!). Conga Club: Fonda! […]

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So… what are Portuguese guys like?

“Now that you are in Lisbon… what are the guys like?” seems to be the popular first question I get asked a lot by friends… let’s see if I can cobble together some very unscientific, personal, tongue-in-cheek and totally non-generalisable answers based on my first few months here…

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Lisbon In Books: The Two Hotel Francforts

It was actually quite a coincidence that I picked up this book… Wandering into the lovely Daunt Bookstore in London, which orders books by the place they are set in, I stumbled across The Two Hotel Francforts. The cover was intriguing, as it showed a couple in the 1940s on Rossio Square – a time that I find quite fascinating for all sorts of reasons (including the fact that my mother happened to be living in Lisbon at that time). Not knowing too much of the book (and the cover not being much of an enlightenment), I decided to give […]

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A short history of Gay Portugal – From the Carnation Revolution until Today

The Carnation Revolution swept away the fascist regime of the Estado Novo on April 25, 1974. However, despite the return to democracy and fundamental changes in Portuguese society, advancement to become one of the most liberal countries worldwide in terms of gay rights was a slow progress. First gay rights organisations emerged shortly after the Carnation Revolution.  Although homosexuality was still technically illegal, Lisbon started to have a more open gay scene. Although unofficially gay bars had existed in the Bairro Alto district, bars and clubs became more overt following the revolution: Lisbon’s oldest, still existing gay bar, Finalmente, opened […]

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A short history of Gay Portugal – Middle Ages to Estado Novo

Life under the Inquisition There are many surviving documents about gay life under the Inquisition, most of it stored in the National Archives of Torre do Tombo.  Although the Inquisition tried hard to quell gay life and culture, there are references to transvestite shows to be found in the archives of the time, and references to men impersonating women as sex workers. Living under the constant threat of being discovered, gays also started to adopt a specific language (much like the much later Polari found in the UK). Using terms not usually associated with sexual activity, such “hunting” to describe […]

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A short history of Gay Portugal – From Rome to the Inquisition

The Romans Much of the early history of homosexuality in Portugal is, of course, intertwined with it being part of the Roman Empire covering parts of the Roman Provinces of Lusitania, Gallaecia and Hispania. Thus, much of the early history of “gay” sexuality is likely to have been similar to that in other Roman provinces. Thus, a distinction was made between Roman citizens – and others. While Roman (male) citizens had the right to practice penetrative sex with other people as the active part, such as with both make and female slaves or prostitutes, Roman morality frowned upon Roman citizens […]

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