It’s great news and exciting news!

You probably noticed that it has been a little quiet on the urbangay website recently. This is because I was really busy with two great projects – and I’m excited to let you know more about them today – and more will be revealed over the next few weeks! Although there was more interaction as the curators for the @urbangay twitter account took over last month, now it is all back to me… so I’m looking forward to hearing from you! And here are the details of the exciting things that are happening in the world of urbangay: 1. The […]

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The Quinta Project – gay retreat community in Portugal

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live together with other gay men on a farm? Maybe you want to take a break from bustling city life – and just disconnect for a few weeks? Or maybe you want to just be yourself, and stay in a relaxed community with like-minded guys. Whatever your answers, you should definitely check out the Quinta Project: a gay co-living community and retreat centre forming in Portugal, based on the values of urbangay. The Quinta will offer medium-term co-living in a rural setting for gay men: from a few weeks to […]

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