The Quinta Project – gay retreat community in Portugal

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live together with other gay men on a farm? Maybe you want to take a break from bustling city life – and just disconnect for a few weeks? Or maybe you want to just be yourself, and stay in a relaxed community with like-minded guys. Whatever your answers, you should definitely check out the Quinta Project: a gay co-living community and retreat centre forming in Portugal, based on the values of urbangay. The Quinta will offer medium-term co-living in a rural setting for gay men: from a few weeks to […]

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Why do gay men put up with so much mediocre sex?

A guest post by Daniel As gay men some of us have lots of sex. And in many places. At least if we want to: we can pick up a guy on the way to work on the train, have sex with guys during our lunch break, at the gym showers in the afternoon and afterwards we can have a threesome with the hot couple from Grindr. Sex is what we are, our favourite hobby and plenty of sex is what we have. I’m one of these guys who used to have lots of sex. I live in London, so […]

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Let’s talk about Sex … Sex Positivity

I recently had an interesting debate with a friend: Does having a lot of sex mean you are sex positive? To cut a pretty long discussion short: His view was (or is) that gay men in particular are pretty sex positive, because generally spoken, they have a lot of [opportinities for] sex. I tried to defend the point that some gay men may be promiscuous – and may have a lot of sex, but … that much of gay dating life is actually pretty sex negative. How come?

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