Day 12: Talking and Negotiating Consent

Today’s objective: Negotiating consent Yesterday’s activity asked you to start negotiating consent, at least on a fictional level. Let’s recap quickly how consent works. Here are the five golden rules of consent: 1. If anything is ambiguous, stop it and don’t go any further. 2. Acting sexy, being naked, in a place where sex occurs, sexually active with someone else etc… all of this is not consent for you. 3. If either party can’t fully consent (under influence of alcohol, drugs, under age, unaware of the risks, etc..), there is no consent. 4. A previous consent does not mean a […]

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Day 11: Consent

Today’s objective: Exploring how to seek and give consent. Within the sex positive community seeking and giving consent is an important topic. Being sex positive doesn’t mean you have you are always willing to have sex. It means you are seeking the sex you want – and giving the sex you and your partners want to share. In the straight community sexual consent has become an increasingly important topic, while sadly in the gay community it is (at least at an explicit level) still often overlooked. … [End of preview] The full Sexual Discovery for Gay Men workshop materials  are […]

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Be Proud, Not Pushy: A Guide To Pride Etiquette

A guest post by Kitty Stryker Editor of “Ask: Building Consent Culture” & Porn’s Riot Grrl I’ve been going around the country talking about consent culture for years now, often in alternative communities – BDSM, polyamory, Burning Man, swingers, queer folks, etc. It’s a topic I care deeply about, but I’ve come to realize how often the conversation stalls when it comes to consent outside of the bedroom – the consent of negotiating daily interactions vs sexy fun times. As this is Pride month, I began to flash back to the various ways I had come to accept as normal […]

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