Three reasons to get active for every gay man

A guest post by Paul, who is the curator for the @urbangay twitter this week, follow him, interact and talk to him on twitter until Sunday! This week I’m taking over the @urbangay twitter account for a week. My interest is mainly in being healthy and active, and I think it is something really important. Not just because of the obvious and well-known health reasons (and making for better sex!). But there are three more reasons why it is especially important for gay men. Here they are: 1) It’s great to make you feel good Engaging in sports and eating […]

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Day 9.001

Day 9: Sexual Learning

Today’s objective: Outline your sexual learning As the saying goes… What’s better than learning? More learning! You have now started the first steps on the most fun and satisfying journey you can take. And, after the planning and outlining a journey destination yesterday, it is now time to find out what there is to discover. In other words, today will be all about making your personal, sexual learning plan. Why is learning so important? For a start, even if you know everything there is to know about sex today… tomorrow you’d have something else to learn. But not just that: […]

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Welcome to the Sexual Discovery workshop!

Welcome! Welcome to this workshop and this journey! Starting on Saturday, the next 30 days we will talk sex. Lots of sex. In fact, a little bit of sex every day. The key theme over the next 30 days is your own, personal and individual sexual discovery. What is it that you really like? What turn you on? What things would you like to try? Whom are you as a sexual person? And how do you use sex to relate to other people.

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I went to a Gay Sex Workshop

A guest post by Andreas I came across the ad for the sex workshop on one of the online dating sites. Interested in what it was, I clicked the ad to find out more. Looking through the website of the workshop I found a few weekend classes being held in my city, one of which starting in two weeks. Without much thinking, I decided to give it a try. My sex life for the last few months had been pretty dull. I had only a handful of online dates, and nothing ever was a real connection. Even the sex was […]

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30 Days of Sexual Discovery… Day by Day

Your hottest summer yet: 30 days of sex positive, playful learning – are you ready? Just a few more days before the online version of the Sexual Discovery workshop will start! Here is a sneak peak at all the topics for each day… so make sure you check back on the 1. July to start your personal journey of sexual discovery! Overview and Aims Sex Negativity Shame Fear Sex Positivity Your sexual routines Your fantasy scripts Owning your sex Learning about sex Talking about desires Consent seeking Talking consent Exploring masturbation Non-ejaculatory masturbation Taoist breathing techniques Taoist stop techniques Taoist […]

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Day 28: Coping Statements

Today’s objective: Identify a series of coping statements As the final step in building ways to deal with potential setbacks or problem situations on your way to a happier and more self-loving person, today’s focus will be on developing a set of coping statements. Coping statements are small, supportive sayings, ideas or quotes that help you through tough times. They are an example of positive self-talk, which you can recall when a situation gets challenging. There is really no “I went from questioning myself and self doubting to building love for myself. Thank you!” The full workshop with all activities […]

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Day 27: Strategies for dealing with problems

Today’s objective: Identify strategies to deal with potential problem situations. Yesterday you identified the Top 5 most impactful potential problem situations, either as single situations – or a chain of events. Today’s activity will ask you to develop a strategy to deal with these. Now that you had some time to think about the situations, let’s think of ways to deal with them. You have probably already thought through a few potential solutions for the situations when you first wrote them down. Now it is time to commit to them, and think of End of the preview. “I went from […]

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Day 26: Identifying problem situations

  Today’s objective: Start to create resilience by identifying problem situations Wow! Before you even read any further, pat yourself on the back: the 30 Day program is almost over… and we have covered an amazing amount of material. If your head is spinning a bit at this moment, don’t worry: it will take some time for all the material and changes to filter through into your daily life. You may see the first benefits already: maybe you simply stop your thoughts sometimes and remember something from here. That is real progress. If this happens to you, congratulate End of […]

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Day 25: Challenging negative assumptions

Today’s objective: Identify unhelpful assumptions and develop a strategy to challenge unhelpful assumptions Yesterday’s thought diary is a very powerful tool to help you face situations where your are feeling anxious about what will happen. Challenging these situations is important as it helps to correct unrealistic predictions – especially in as far as the reactions of others are concerned. However, reactions of others are only half the story: the other half that leads to End of the preview. “I went from questioning myself and self doubting to building love for myself. Thank you!” The full workshop with all activities is […]

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Day 24: Thought diary

Today’s objective: Learn to challenge unrealistic expectations using a thought diary approach You have probably already realised how many predictions related to body image, but also other predictions for situations where you fear being judged in some form or feel ashamed, are actually not based on reality or any evidence. Rather, they are based on the fear of something happening. Today the focus is on learning a highly effective way of dealing with such situations by using a Thought Diary [PDF] End of the preview. “I went from questioning myself and self doubting to building love for myself. Thank you!” […]

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