I offer individual coaching and packages complementing online workshops and seminars. All coaching is done online using Skype or via telephone if you prefer. The rates are the same for individuals or couples in the case of relationship coaching.

Individual Coaching
Individual coaching is coaching completely tailored to your individual needs and goals. During this time, we will first establish your exact goals and then work together to achieve the changes you want to make.

Gold Package (12 weeks)
This is the optimal package to achieve substantial change and develop yourself. During this time we will have 12 weekly* one-to-one sessions, each lasting 30 minutes. In addition, you’ll have free email support (up to once daily). The price for this package is €999 / US$1199 / £899.
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Silver Package (6 weeks)
This is a good package to achieve change in a specific area. During this time we will have a total of 6 weekly* one-to-one sessions lasting 30 minutes and free email contact (up to once daily). The price for this package is €750 / US$875 / £675.
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Single session
This is only suitable if you are are seeking short-term guidance or help with goal-setting. A single session consists of a 50 minute session. The price for a single session is €150 / US$ 199 / £140 .
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Coaching to complement workshops or seminars

Workshop/seminar-related coaching is coaching complements the online workshops and seminars with additional one-to-one coaching support to help you achieve faster and more effective progress and lasting change.

30 Day Workshop Package
This package complements any of the 30 day workshops available online and as books. The package includes the material for the workshop and 6 check-in sessions to help you progress through each workshop with free email support (up to once daily). The price for this package is €700 / US$820 / £625.
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Coaching for low-wage earners
I strongly believe in the transformative and positive effects of coaching and that money questions should not prevent you from accessing coaching. Therefore, I have a limited number of low cost/half-price slots available for people on low income, students or if cost is preventing you to access life coaching. Please contact me directly to discuss this option.
Please note: At the moment, I have no low cost spaces and there is a waiting list .

* the sessions are valid for 6 months/3 months from booking to allow for flexible scheduling (e.g. allowing for work or personal commitments, holidays etc.).