Life coaching is an effective way to support you to

  • make changes

  • be more happy

  • find your balance

  • fulfill your potential

Life coaching is an investment into you and your future and happiness.
With tens of thousands of life coaches available, it is important that you find a coach that is a good fit for you. Life coaching means working together intimately and on a one-to-one basis. Therefore, it is important that you and the coach you choose understand each other well to achieve progress fast and make lasting changes.

We are likely to achieve
fast progress if…

We won’t work well
together if…

  • You want to work out what is important for you in your life or relationship – and want help to work on it
  • You want to make changes and need support
  • You feel stuck and want to explore your options
  • You want fast progress towards your goals
  • You identify as a gay or bisexual man, couple or polyamorous family.
  • You want somewhere to “off-load” without working on resolving the issues.
  • You are mostly interested in improving your productivity, especially in a work environment.
  • You just want someone to talk to.
  • You have untreated moderate or serious depression.

If you think we can work well together, then have a look at my rates and packages that are available.

Please note: before we start working together, we will always need to schedule an initial call to make sure we are both happy to work together. To schedule an initial call, please use the contact page.