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Meet the @urbangay Twitter Curators for October!

In October, the @urbangay twitter account will be curated by these four different guys. These guys will take over the twitter account, and tweet and interact with all the followers. Why? Because the urbangay community is a diverse community of different guys, different backgrounds – and where we can all tell our story and learn from each other. If you’d like to become a curator in future, please get in touch here! week 1: 1-7.10: Paul: HealthyGay I’m a health fanatic and love all things related to nutrition, sport and keeping fit. I hate the gym but love the outdoors. […]

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Calling all social media urbangay storytellers, activists and YOU…

I’m really proud that guys from all different backgrounds come together with the urbangay workshops and seminars. Some of the amazing people have already contributed guestposts to this blog, and many more will follow in the next few months. But I really want to do more to celebrate our community and the ideas from urbangay. Therefore, to celebrate this diversity and to make the different voices heard, during October, I’ll be trying something new with urbangay  – think of it as a social media experiment: If you are reading this… you could be part of it! In October, I will […]

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Why I have more sex after deleting hook-up apps

Guest post by Rob J. Let me get this out first: I’m Rob… and I’m part of the Happy, Healthier and More Active “beta team”. This means I got to test drive the 30 day program starting in September on urbangay.org. Today I wanted to give you the low down on one one of the days that I think had the most surprising effect. This day was the no hook-up apps day. I’m not giving too much away, but actually it was more than a day: the program asks you to delete all the hook up stuff for one week. […]

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Starting 1 September: Happier, Healthier & More Active!

Don’t miss the start of the new online workshop “Happier, Healthier & more Active!”, which will start  online in September. Wow! This workshop rocks! With 30 small, daily activities, each one hand-picked, scientifically proven to make a Happier, Healthier & more Active you. Log on to urbangay.org from Friday, 1st September – and get a new activity every day. Every day an easy, small task. A big win! Every day, the workshop will suggest one small activity to try. There will be an explanation why – and you’ll be able to read how guys who completed the workshop before you […]

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The Quinta Project – gay co-living community in Portugal

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live together with other gay men on a farm? Maybe you want to take a break from bustling city life – and just disconnect for a few weeks? Or maybe you want to just be yourself, and stay in a relaxed community with like-minded guys. Whatever your answers, you should definitely check out the Quinta Project: a gay co-living community forming in Portugal, based on the values of urbangay. The Quinta will offer medium-term co-living in a rural setting for gay men: from a few weeks to a few months, […]

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Why do gay men put up with so much mediocre sex?

A guest post by Daniel As gay men some of us have lots of sex. And in many places. At least if we want to: we can pick up a guy on the way to work on the train, have sex with guys during our lunch break, at the gym showers in the afternoon and afterwards we can have a threesome with the hot couple from Grindr. Sex is what we are, our favourite hobby and plenty of sex is what we have. I’m one of these guys who used to have lots of sex. I live in London, so […]

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I went to a Gay Sex Workshop

A guest post by Andreas I came across the ad for the sex workshop on one of the online dating sites. Interested in what it was, I clicked the ad to find out more. Looking through the website of the workshop I found a few weekend classes being held in my city, one of which starting in two weeks. Without much thinking, I decided to give it a try. My sex life for the last few months had been pretty dull. I had only a handful of online dates, and nothing ever was a real connection. Even the sex was […]

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Be Proud, Not Pushy: A Guide To Pride Etiquette

A guest post by Kitty Stryker Editor of “Ask: Building Consent Culture” & Porn’s Riot Grrl I’ve been going around the country talking about consent culture for years now, often in alternative communities – BDSM, polyamory, Burning Man, swingers, queer folks, etc. It’s a topic I care deeply about, but I’ve come to realize how often the conversation stalls when it comes to consent outside of the bedroom – the consent of negotiating daily interactions vs sexy fun times. As this is Pride month, I began to flash back to the various ways I had come to accept as normal […]

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Sexual Discovery… the book

Great news! I’m super loving the cover of the book which accompanies the online workshop “30 Days of Sexual Discovery”. The book is now available to pre-order from most e-bookstores (ISBN 9781370218707). If you want the complete workshop to download automatically to your favourite reader when it launches on the 31 July, you can now pre-order the book. Of course, don’t forget to join from the 1 July first… for 30 days free right here on urbangay.org.

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Coming 1 July: 30 Days Sexual Discovery

30 days of sex positive activities, self discovery and hot, playful learning! The free, 30 day of workshop will start 1 July, exclusively for urbangay members. Broaden your sexual horizon: experiment with new ways to play, discover ancient sex secrets and write your very own sexual manifesto! From multiorgasmic play to kink – it’s a journey like no other. Topics covered in the workshop: Develop a sex positive attitude Dealing with fear, shame and guilt How to “own” your sex Making consent sexy Taoist multiorgasm techniques Tantra intimacy rituals Toys, BDSM and public play Jealousy and relationships. I never really […]

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