Day 21: Food – nourishing you mindfully

Integrating mindfulness into daily life doesn’t always mean long hours of meditative practice – or even sitting still. Of course, you can always choose to increase quiet mindfulness, not least because like in the case of stress reduction, the actual time spend might easily be compensated for by the potential for having to undo things done ‘in the heat of the moment’. Similarly, many people find that a small morning meditation or body scan can increase their productivity during the day – and they often find it easier to focus on what really matters. But, you can also build mindfulness […]

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Day 20: Stress Reduction

Stress remains one of the main causes of health problems in our society today: from heart disease, depression, cancer to erectile disfunction… many health problems are either caused by stress or are made significantly worse by stress. But not just health suffers: decision making under stress is notoriously bad and flawed. Over the nearly three weeks of the bootcamp, you probably have noticed how quieting the mind can actually lead to much better outcomes. You may also have noticed how your mind has started to quiet down as a result of the practice and training to focus. The success of […]

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Day 19: Empathy and Gratitude

Two concepts repeatedly turn up when you try and find out the secret of “happy” people: empathy and gratitude. They are also essential to the practice of mindfulness. Why specifically these two? Today I invite you to try them out for yourself – ad see how practicing empathy and gratitude can change your mental “position”, and help you become a more happy person. Empathy is trying to see, feel and experience the world through the eyes of someone else. As so many concepts in the bootcamp, this seems a really easy thing to do – but is very hard when […]

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Day 18: Using Mindfulness to develop your life vision and mission

After yesterday’s activity, today we use blue sky thinking to create a vision and mission statement for yourself. Today has two activities to create the vision and mission: one “rational” one, one based on meditation. Depending on what type of person you are and if you are more emotional or thought driven, you can do either of them first. If you consider yourself more thought-driven and rational, then start with the first exercise. If you are more emotional, or indeed find the thought of rationally developing in a vision for yourself too challenging, you may find it easier to start […]

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Day 17: Using meditation and mindfulness as guides: life choices

Yesterday you created lists of activities based on if you perceive them as either nourishing or depleting. That exercise should have helped you to delve into more detail of the here and now in your life, giving you a inventory of where you stand at this moment. Importantly, you should have been able to identify themes in your life: groups and types of activities that enrich you. Today, it is time to take a helicopter perspective: the aim for today is to try and look forward, taking some the nourishing themes with you going forward – and minimising the depleting […]

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Day 16: Checking in on life: nourishing and deleting activities

Well done on completing the first part of the bootcamp! This means you now have the main skills for the second part, where we are going to put them all into action, for love, sex – and firstly your life. So, today we start with looking at your life: more specifically things you do. Often, people feel unhappy or stressed if they are caught in a rut: with many depleting activities and not enough time for nourishing activities, or even performing nourishing activities in a non-mindful way. It is, of course, impossible to escape depleting activities fully. therefore it is […]

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Day 15: Erotic Meditation – Meditation for Sex

Now that you have the power to bring your mind to where you want it to be, either in the present or in a place or space of your choosing, it is time to try and have a fun day before we move on and apply all of the learned techniques for different aspects of (urban gay) life. For today I have two different types of meditation/hypnosis for you. If you have the time, maybe experiment with both, or do one today and then comeback to this later. One is meditation/hypnosis session to achieve orgasm (or a feeling of it, […]

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Day 14: Meditation as a tool for change – Affirmations

Today’s activity is around affirmations. It’s not strictly speaking meditation nor hypnosis, but something that can “switch” your mind to a different mood. If you are skeptical at this moment, you are probably not alone. But give it a try and see if you feel any effect. The good thing about affirmations is that they tend to be quick and easy ways to stop negative thoughts or even a negative mindset and focus on something positive. You can therefore use them as a tool in everyday life – or use them more long-term as a way to train your mind […]

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Day 13: Meditating for relaxation

Today’s activity is a relaxation meditation/hypnosis. The actual track is from Michael Sealey. I really like the way he conducts his guided meditations/self-hypnosis sessions – and he has a really calming and soothing voice (IMHO). For today, try and ease yourself into a relaxing state with this session. If you like his works, you can find many of his recordings not just on his extremely popular YouTube channel, but his recordings are also available on Google Play, iTunes, Spotify and many more platforms. He also has some sleep meditation sessions, if you want to go to sleep immediately after finishing […]

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Day 12: The basics of Meditation

Today we are moving on from mindfulness, that is to say bringing our mind to the here and now and to observe the present, to more actively engaging the mind in the way we want the mind to do. This is a subtle difference. Previously I said: Meditation is a silent, stationary activity with a purpose (often focusing on training the mind to do something). This means to actively engage the mind to examine a chosen object (feeling, emotion, sensation…), or the “meditation object”. This can be something very similar to mindfulness, for example when focusing the mind on the […]

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