Day 6: Generosity

Today’s objective: Understanding generosity and why non-material generosity is so important. The word generosity normally evokes feelings of giving to others liberally: expensive presents, generous meals and … you name it. Many acts of generosity appear to entail selfless acts of giving away, to loved ones, or to charity, to a person in need… However, many psychological studies actually have shown that generosity is anything but selfless. In fact, one study even linked the right kind of generosity with longevity. So, right up there with gratitude, generosity seems to influence a person’s self-esteem in almost unlimited positive ways, being a […]

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Day 5: Forgiving

Today’s objective: Reflect upon the key role forgiveness plays when adopting a learning mindset. Things don’t always go to plan. We make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. It is simply a fact of life. We can’t change that mistakes, no matter how great or small, happen, but what we can do is change how we react afterward – and react in a way that is promoting healthy, caring self-love. Many people react with blame: they blame either themselves for something that happened – or they blame someone or something else. The problem with this is that it neither solves the mistake […]

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Coming soon on urbangay

Ready for more? Great! Because there is some great new and free stuff coming up on urbangay! All you need to do… is be there! If you haven’t looked at the upcoming “30 day” series coming up, have a look here. And the first one will start next Monday – so here is a sneak preview of what you can expect from Self love: body, mind, soul ! The gay scene and modern gay life can be a hard place to love yourself. Much is about competition, being better and sadly, little is about recognising just how amazing you as […]

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