Day 16: Volunteer

Today’s objective: Consider possibilities of volunteering and the benefits of it. Volunteering has many positive effects: it increases the feeling of connectedness with your community and further wards off loneliness and depression. From a self-love perspective, it encourages gratitude, generosity and kindness. And if that isn’t enough: a 2012 study conducted by scientists from the University of Michigan found that people who volunteer have a lower mortality rate – than people who don’t. On top of it all, it can be a lot of fun: think the possibility of meeting lots of interesting people in an environment which is much […]

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Day 15: Exercise

Today’s objective: Schedule and plan for regular exercise. Want to feel better? Have more energy? Be sexier? Have longer, more powerful erections? Or just want to be healthier? Happier? There is one thing that can do that all. For real. It’s exercise. In fact there are two powerful things your body needs: Exercise and relaxation. We have already discussed ways of relaxing five days ago. For today we will focus on exercise, a natural way to make you have more energy, be more happy and productive all in one. You probably already know all about the great benefits of exercise, […]

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Day 14: Small goals

Today’s objective: Learn the importance of breaking down big goals into small steps. The biggest challenge of making big changes … is that they are big. All to often, particularly if you don’t feel very confident, doing something new or making changes seems like a massive thing. The result is that for many big changes, people often start things but give up along the way as it seems not leading anywhere. Others just give up before starting. The problem with that is not just the issue of wasted hours trying to pursue a goal or objective, but also the toxic […]

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Day 13: Smile

Today’s objective: Remind yourself of the power you have to make yourself and others happy by smiling. Yesterday you already experimented with the power of changing your feelings and emotions through postures, gestures and facial expressions. While yesterday we mostly focused on the effect it has on you, today we try and expand the circle a little – and focus on the effect changing the way you act can have on others. You know the saying: “When I smile, the world smiles back.” Today is the day to put that into action. There are, of course, many reasons to smile. […]

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Day 12: Act confident

Today’s objective: Learn about the connection of posture, gestures and feelings – and how you can use it to feel happier, more confident and sexier. Do you know a simple trick for feeling happy right now? Smile. Yes, force yourself to smile. Smile for a few seconds. And you’ll see it will actually lighten your mood. There is a simple truth about this trick: act the way you want to feel, and you will feel the way you act. Why this is, is mostly in the realm of speculation. Fact is, End of the preview. “I went from questioning myself […]

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Day 11: Compliments

Today’s objective: Learning to give yourself small compliments, and how this can affect your day and rest. Today we are rolling self-love and gratitude into one: and make it a habit for 10 days. Are you ready for this? What do you normally think of before you go to sleep? Bills? What could have been better during the day? What you’ll do tomorrow? Those are probably the most frequent things people think about just before they rest. The result: sleeping with worries on your mind can seriously disrupt End of the preview. “I went from questioning myself and self doubting […]

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Day 10: Relaxing

Today’s objective: Appreciate the importance of relaxation and scheduling small, short relaxation exercises into the daily routine. On day 4 we already briefly touched on relaxation as an important part of self-care. Not relaxing will leave you stressed, cranky, unproductive, unable to deal with every day problems – and actually less able to take care of both yourself and others. Therefore, even though it might sound paradoxical, if you don’t have time to relax, is probably the time you need to make relaxation a priority. Relaxing doesn’t need to come in the form of a long holiday. In fact, it […]

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Day 9: Friends

Today’s objective: Reflecting on the role of friendships and taking stock of your friends. Friends and friendships are probably the most important asset when it comes to loving yourself and loving others: the time spend with people who really are your friends can be the most curative time. But all too often, friendships are left behind when life is busy or friendships are relegated to the few minutes you have between other things to do. End of the preview. “I went from questioning myself and self doubting to building love for myself. Thank you!” The full workshop with all activities […]

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Day 8: Reframing

Today’s objective: Learning the powerful tool of reframing minor irritations as opportunities for improvement and positivity. After completing the section on the main “tools” for self-love: gratitude, kindness, caring, forgiving and generosity – and the main outcome, positivity, today we start to put these into action with an exercise that starts to challenge self-loathing behaviour and assumptions – and replaces them with self-loving and also often more realistic ideas. The idea behind the exercise today is to train the mind to “reframe” minor negative events End of the preview. “I went from questioning myself and self doubting to building love […]

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Day 7: Positivity

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. (Milton Berle) Today’s objective: Understanding why positivity is essential for recognising opportunities going forward. If you remember the basic idea from day 2, gratitude, kindness, caring, forgiving and generosity together create an altogether more positive outlook, and in turn contribute to a more positive self-esteem and thus help to generate true self-love. In other words, these activities generate “positivity” and optimism. However, while each one of the previous five activities are powerful tools, the brain also can be trained to recognise more actively positive patterns. This is especially important when confronted with negative […]

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