Day 26: Identifying problem situations

  Today’s objective: Start to create resilience by identifying problem situations Wow! Before you even read any further, pat yourself on the back: the 30 Day program is almost over… and we have covered an amazing amount of material. If your head is spinning a bit at this moment, don’t worry: it will take some time for all the material and changes to filter through into your daily life. You may see the first benefits already: maybe you simply stop your thoughts sometimes and remember something from here. That is real progress. If this happens to you, congratulate End of […]

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Day 25: Challenging negative assumptions

Today’s objective: Identify unhelpful assumptions and develop a strategy to challenge unhelpful assumptions Yesterday’s thought diary is a very powerful tool to help you face situations where your are feeling anxious about what will happen. Challenging these situations is important as it helps to correct unrealistic predictions – especially in as far as the reactions of others are concerned. However, reactions of others are only half the story: the other half that leads to End of the preview. “I went from questioning myself and self doubting to building love for myself. Thank you!” The full workshop with all activities is […]

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Day 24: Thought diary

Today’s objective: Learn to challenge unrealistic expectations using a thought diary approach You have probably already realised how many predictions related to body image, but also other predictions for situations where you fear being judged in some form or feel ashamed, are actually not based on reality or any evidence. Rather, they are based on the fear of something happening. Today the focus is on learning a highly effective way of dealing with such situations by using a Thought Diary [PDF] End of the preview. “I went from questioning myself and self doubting to building love for myself. Thank you!” […]

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Day 23: Body image issues’ long term consequences

Today’s objective: Think about the long-term consequences of body image issues and how they can lead to cycle of shame and fear. Over the last few days of the program you have already worked out a number of ways in which you are likely to respond to fearing judgement based on your appearance. You have also already End of the preview. “I went from questioning myself and self doubting to building love for myself. Thank you!” The full workshop with all activities is available as a digital download directly from here or buy the book now from any good bookseller. […]

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Day 22: Body checking and assurance-seeking

Today’s objective: Think about body-checking and assurance seeking Thinking (and often over-thinking) about something you are worried about is perfectly human behaviour. Just think about how often do most people wonder if they have switched off the oven or locked the door at home. In such trivial situations, reassurance from a friend or someone who was there can often resolve the situation. But often, if nobody is around to give the reassurance, people worry about the situation unduly. A similar pattern happens to many people when End of the preview. “I went from questioning myself and self doubting to building […]

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Day 21: Avoidance of body showing

Today’s objective: Think about and challenge the short-term consequences of body image issues So what happens when you are confronted with a trigger for feeling negative about your appearance? You probably have already thought about some likely reactions as part of yesterday’s activity. For most people, the immediate reactions range from feeling bad or preoccupied with their appearance to avoiding showing their body altogether. In other words, they focus particularly on the reason for the potentially hurtful judgement that may come their way. From an evolutionary perspective, such a behaviour makes a lot of sense: If you see something that […]

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Day 20: Triggers

Today’s objective: Identify the triggers of body image issues Yesterday you already looked at some of the consequences of feeling bad about some parts of your body. So that you can tackle these issues successfully, it is useful to  think about what keeps these feelings going or makes them worse. This will help to put those ‘triggers’ into perspective and diminish their impact. Identifying and challenging those triggers is an important part of overcoming them: As you’ll see, End of the preview. “I went from questioning myself and self doubting to building love for myself. Thank you!” The full workshop […]

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Day 19: Effects of Body Image Issues

Today’s objective: Think about the consequences of a negative body image Yesterday we explored the important difference between body image, the way we see ourselves, and actual appearance, how we actually and factually look like. You may think at this point that having a slightly negative body image isn’t really such a big deal – after all we all have something we don’t like about our bodies. And making changes to your appearance can be, after all, a very good thing: For example, taking up exercise is a brilliant thing to increase self-love (see day 15!). And while it is […]

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Day 18: Body Image

Today’s objective: Understand the importance of body image and appearance to self-love. Over the last 17 days we spend all of the time discussing inner happiness and self-love. Of course, achieving this is a major step towards all-round self-love. But it would be wrong to assume that only inner happiness is complete self love: ultimately self-love is made up of both inner and outer happiness. This means we need to address an often uncomfortable topic: body image. Why? Well… many studies have shown that gay men in particular suffer from negative body image. A whooping 80% of gay men in […]

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Day 17: Learn something new

Today’s objective: Explore learning opportunities around you. The final day of the general self-love section has arrived… and hopefully you already feel some of the effects. The final suggestion of this part is to think about learning something new: a language, a skill or just whatever you think is interesting. Sadly, school and much of formal further and higher learning seem to be the worst ambassadors for learning. And many people get scarred for live with the forced learning experiences they make at an early age. But, if you open your mind and approach it with a positive attitude, purely […]

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