Meet the HHA Team

Over the next month you will meet Rob, Javid and Alex as part of the urbangay Healthier, Happier & more Active (HHA) workshop. One of the guys will be feeding back on how they are feeling and what they think about the activity each day. Before we start, here are the brief introductions from them:


Hi! My name is Rob and I’m 38, single, loving it and I have already written a small bit about the program here. I was a little skeptical about the program but really enjoyed it.


It was real fun doing the program, even if some of the easy things became a bit of a challenge sometimes. I’m newly single after a long time. Finding myself suddenly alone had a big effect on my happiness and I haven’t been very active lately. I used the program to launch a whole new chapter in my life and get out more and get fitter again. I didn’t loose any weight, my wrinkles didn’t disappear but I feel a lot better after the thirty days. Hopefully you’ll join the program, give it a chance and have fun along the way!


My name is Alex, I’m 52 and partnered. I recently had a serious health scare and decided it was time to become more active and be more healthy. For me, the program was an easy way to start the process and I recommended it to several friends.

Happier, Healthier & more Active!

Welcome to HHA – a month of small daily activities which together will make you happier, healthier and more active!

How does it work?
Every day, one new activity will become available right here on the blog for you. Each day will have a new, fairly easy to complete task: 10 small habits which are proven to make you more happy, 10 more healthy and 10 will kickstart you to be more active. Every day, one of three guys who completed the task before will also tell you how they felt after doing it. Openly, they will tell you if they liked the task or hated it – and how it made them feel.

How to join?
Nothing could be simpler: simply visit the website each day to see the new task. All you need is a free account, which you can create here (if you don’t already have one).

How much does it cost?
Nothing. Nada. Null. All of it is absolutely free.

Don’t forget: 1st of September is the start date. See you then!

Why I have more sex after deleting hook-up apps

Guest post by Rob J.

Let me get this out first: I’m Rob… and I’m part of the Happy, Healthier and More Active “beta team”. This means I got to test drive the 30 day program starting in September on Today I wanted to give you the low down on one one of the days that I think had the most surprising effect. This day was the no hook-up apps day.

I’m not giving too much away, but actually it was more than a day: the program asks you to delete all the hook up stuff for one week. Instead, go and try to hook up  the old fashioned way: bras, clubs, saunas, cruising. And then think back after a week. The reflection stuff that always comes with the programs.

To be honest, this part of the program freaked me out. I wouldn’t say I’m a Grindr slave, but I love the app. It is probably amongst my top three apps: quick check in in the morning. At lunch time. In-between at work. I love the idea that I can cruise and be cruised anytime anyplace. Sure, there are some jerks on the app, but at least once or twice a week, I hooked up with a lot of guys. And when we did, it was mostly fun. I love sex, I love to fuck around and this was a great way to hook up for me. I also had none of the app shame some guys talk about, or was embarrassed about being seen on the app. To me Grindr meant cock fast. Maybe I should say I live in a big city, so it was kind of easy. This maybe different if you are in the countryside!

To me giving up Grindr was like a mission from hell. I can do sport. Eating fruit and buying a cinema ticket. But this was one mission I cursed Stephan for.
I actually thought of simply not doing it all together. But I made the mistake and told Stephan this… His response was to ask how much sex I had last week: truth be told, I hooked up with one guy and it was a bad one. So he suggested to give it a try and face the challenge of trying to hook up with guys without knowing their cock, their size and preferences first. And to “go out and do it”, as that is the key message of the program.

First hurdle for me was to find an alternative: I know close to where I I work some guys use a toilet to meet. I know a sauna. I know a sex club. But these places had become alien to me in years of Grindr hook ups. In fact, I was surprised they still existed at all.

Second hurdle: Time. I can have lunch, check Grindr and get a blow job. I can’t have lunch and go to a sauna to get a blow job. Or at least I thought that.

Third hurdle: Communications. How do you signal to a guy wanking at a toilet to follow you to somewhere quiet? Easy on an app. How do you even signal to other guys around you that you’re up for it? Without looking like from a cheap porn scene?

The easy option was to give up and just let a week pass. But I wanted to try. And the result? Some bits were shit… but I discovered a lot more options for sex and how to get sex fast.

Here are my personal highlights: The toilet close to work is really pretty active. Yep, you get cock teases and guys who just want to look. I figured them out after a few visits. Which means you can focus on the real guys who are up for it. And because they are and you are, I found things actually worked easier there. Not always great sex, but definitely quick.

I’m also fortunate enough to work close to a sex club. They have a lunch time special, which means for a drink you get in. You can also go after work, but I found the guys in the toilet to be better then. Doing your lunch naked amongst guys having sex is strange. For me it means you have a 1 in 2 chance of having fun – even if you are picky. Sex is definitely better there, the guys can be hotter in the toilet. But, as I didn’t even know this place existed before, so that was a good find.

The expensive option: sauna. I keep that for after clubbing or after going out. It is just too expensive to spend just half an hour there. The annoying thing: I spot guys on Grindr in the sauna now.

OK. I should tell you that I reinstalled Grindr after the week (subscription, you know). This is three weeks ago. I have been on it twice. And met one guy. The rest of my hook ups were in real life.

My point is that all of the other options are actually better for getting off. I don’t get off every day. But I have met hot guys, and I hook up most days. Sometimes it is just a wank. Sometimes a group thing with several guys worthy of a porn movie. It is a game. On balance: I now think Grindr is more fantasy and less doing. I know it is a personal thing: I love sex. I love having lots of it and with many guys and I’m open to that. And after a week without Grindr I realised how much time I spent trying to get sex on it while actually ending up getting little. I also holed myself in and forgot about all the other options. To me, that is what I learned from the experience: Go out and do it works.

I hope you enjoyed this reflection on the program. If you’re joining in September, get ready to do some stuff. Some of it will be ok, some of it so so. But some of it will be great.

Thanks Rob for this post! You’ll meet Rob again as part of the program. 

Starting 1 September: Happier, Healthier & More Active!

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Every day an easy, small task.
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Every day, the workshop will suggest one small activity to try. There will be an explanation why – and you’ll be able to read how guys who completed the workshop before you felt the activity was for them. You’ll then also be able to develop your own collection of Happy, Healthy & more Active habits, and track them, chart your progress and see how these small activities will change your life to be more fun, more fulfilled and more happy!

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