Day 11: Cinema [Active]

For today: Go to the theatre or cinema – but go alone.

A different “going out” choice this time. And now explicitly on my own, which is something I have

How did it go for you?

Day 10: Go Meat-free … for a day! [Healthy]

For today: Go meat-free for a day.

Challenging. But I decided that to get the most out of

How did it go for you?

Day 9: Start a week of Dating-App-free dating! [Happiness]

For today: Delete that app(s). And keep them off your phone for a week.

Yesterdays excursion made no Grindr for a week a bit easier to

How did it go for you?

Day 8: Go out… [Active]

For today: Go out by yourself. To a bar, a cafe, a club… your choice! Just make a date tonight with yourself. Anywhere but home.

I chose to go to one of the places I used to go to before meeting my ex. Luckily it still exists, although

How did it go for you?

Day 7: Take 5 [Healthy]

For today: Count your veggies (and get to 5!).

Another of these evil little “yes I know it is better for me, but…” things. Although

How did it go for you?

Day 5: Walk to Work [Active]

For today: Walk to work (or get off earlier when using public transport or park your car a few blocks away from work and then walk)

I unexpectedly liked the walk idea from day 2, so this was

Day 4: Caffeine-free [Healthy]

For today: Go coffee- (or tea-)free for a day – or any other beverage that contains caffeine.

Oh, this was the task

Day 3 – Smile [Happiness]

For today:
Smile. Yes, as simple as that: smile whenever you can!

This sounded a bit superficial to me, but