Day 20: Take the stairs! [Active]

For today: Ignore the lift (or escalator) – and take the stairs where possible!

I’m pretty fit, but this was a hard task! I can see how it

How did it go for you?

Day 19: Sleep! [Healthy]

For today: Get enough sleep (8 hours).

I’m guilty of often not getting enough sleep. This task therefore meant that I needed to

How did it go for you?

Meet the @urbangay Twitter Curators for October!

In October, the @urbangay twitter account will be curated by these four different guys. These guys will take over the twitter account, and tweet and interact with all the followers. Why? Because the urbangay community is a diverse community of different guys, different backgrounds – and where we can all tell our story and learn from each other. If you’d like to become a curator in future, please get in touch here!

week 1: 1-7.10:
Paul: HealthyGay
I’m a health fanatic and love all things related to nutrition, sport and keeping fit. I hate the gym but love the outdoors. Expect lots of this in my tweets, lots of inspiration and hope to get a lot of tips from you guys, too!

week 2: 8-14.10
Ricardo: Portugalissimo!
I’m 49 and relocated to Portugal last year. I only recently had my coming out and I’m now living here and keep discovering this liberal and great country.  I’m honoured that I’ll be able to share the fantastic secrets of this small country with you!

week 3: 15-21.10
Andre:  Nude Yogi
I’m Andre, born and raised in the Netherlands and now living between Bali, Amsterdam and Berlin. I’m a yoga fanatic and love nude yoga for men, tantra and all things chilled.

week 4:22-28.10
Maxx: The Gay Cruiser
Sex is my life and I love everything about it. I’m dreaming of becoming a sexologist and love exploring sex outside and inside the boxes of our lives.


Day 18: One Positive Thing [Happy]

For today: Tell people one positive thing about them today!

First I have to admit that I thought doing this would make me look foolish. But

How did it go for you?

Day 17: Art! Culture! [Active]

For today: Go to a museum!

This is a nice task, for two reasons: Close to my work is a small museum I never actually

How did it go for you?

Day 16: Quiet Time [Healthy]

For today: Set aside 5 minutes “Quiet Time” – only for you!

I used to do this regularly when I was upset, so I knew that it is a good habit to have. Today, I didn’t have any reason to be upset, but

How did it go for you?

Day 15: Empathy [Happy]

For today: Be Mr. Empathy today by trying to feel how the other feels.

Not always an easy task! Especially, when others are really annoying you at work. But trying to be empathetic can diffuse

How did it go for you?

Day 14: Early Riser [Active]

For today: Get up early… (and get something that you have been putting off done!)

I’m a bit more of a night person, so this was tricky. But I got up half an hour early

How did it go for you?

Day 13: Sugar-free [Healthy]

For today: No sugar for the day!

Not as easy as it sounds… I don’t usually have a lot of sugar, so I thought this is going to be a walk in the park. But

How did it go for you?

Day 12: Gratefulness [Happy]

For today: Have three Gratefulness “Check-ins”

New Age galore! But

How did it go for you?