Welcome to our growing community of queer mavericks, idealists and do-gooders!

It’s great that you want to join us!

The program has two parts:

First step: tools for you!

In the first part you set your own priorities and what you want to achieve. To do this, you have two options:

1) Coming soon: Join with your email
This is the most convenient way: You sign up once (don’t worry, it’s free!) and for the first few days we will email you one tool each day to help you find out more about yourself, set priorities, find out what you want to achieve and make changes.

2) Go at your own pace
Want to check out the tools at your own pace and without a daily reminder? No problem. Have a look at the tools page, which shows you all the tools and lets you download the material right there.

Second step: lots of ideas for actions!

In the second part you then put actions to the priorities and ideas you have generated in the first part, with fresh ideas for actions and monthly and weekly planning tools.

We constantly post new ideas for actions on-line, and share them with you. You can find the latest actions and the monthly and weekly planning tools by signing up to our monthly newsletter – or take a look here for the latest actions – and here for the monthly and weekly planning tools.

Invented your own action? Please share great actions with the community by submitting your action ideas here!


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