Welcome to “Be the Change” – the connectedyou movement for gay guys* – it’s great that you are here!

connectedyou for gay guys is a grassroots movement for social, ecological and community change. Our aim is to bring people together, connect with small, positive actions and create positive change in our community and beyond. Because we want the program to work for everyone, connectedyou is “open source”: free to use and free to participate in. All we ask for is that you spread the word to help us grow by including a link or attribution to us!

How does it work?

The program works by following a four simple steps:

  1. Find out what is important to you.
  2. Plan the change(s) you want to see!
  3. Bring people together to achieve even more!
  4. Have a great time changing the world around you!

Sounds simple? That’s because it is simple, …  with a little help of some free tools and a great community that supports change makers like you!

Ready to change the world?

Start here!




…want to find out what you will need?

…maybe you’d like to find out more about the idea behind the program?




* this program’s actions are specifically in response to issues related to the gay community and experiences commonly encountered by gay guys. If you want to tailor the program to your community, please contact us!