UGFace.001Welcome! I’m happy that you came to visit my home on the web – and thrilled that you’d like to find out a bit about my background and how the urbangay approach was developed.

About me: I was born in Germany in 1971. After finishing school and compulsory military service, I decided to broaden my horizon and move abroad. I didn’t anticipate how much this would lead me to a life of constant learning at the time – but I’m sure glad I decided to do it. This has taken me on an amazing journey that allowed me to live and work in mostly urban and sometimes not-so urban centres (and hence come up with the “urbangay” name): I lived in London and worked in small town Australia, I taught in ultra-modern Hong Kong and learned in beautiful and historic Barcelona. Now I’m based in sunny Lisbon, Portugal. I’m currently learning my sixth language (Portuguese). I hold a Ph.D., have published seven books, I’m a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and in 2015 was named as one of Pride London’s “Pride Heroes”. As part of my work, I have given classes, workshops and seminars in companies, universities and for charities and individuals on effective communication, personal and corporate strategy, stress management and positive behaviour change.

I also gained a lot of experience through working with charities for nearly three decades and in many different countries. I counselled and coached LGBT-people when coming out, facing discrimination and bullying, with relationship issues and provided help with many other personal issues. I worked in same-sex domestic violence support, organised peer-support and coaching sessions, sexual health support and helped to co-ordinate volunteers.

I have spoken to literally thousands of LGBT people from all corners of the world: I listened to and suggested ways of dealing with personal and professional issues, coached people through difficult times and shared and celebrated their successes together. These experiences have given me an enormous amount of insight into how to be a happy and healthy gay person, to grow personally and develop resilience to potential issues or setbacks.

As part of my work I was introduced to mindfulness and used it along side a variety of different coaching and counselling techniques. When combined with meditation and tantra techniques I found that a blend of these can make a really powerful combination to make people happier: Bringing together what worked best from the various techniques, while avoiding the dogmatist approaches some spirituality based practices have. This allowed me to develop an approach that, while based on common principles and shared techniques remains flexible and can be uniquely tailored according to the individual. In other words: the approach I developed allows everyone taking part to adapt each techniques shared amongst all the participants freely to their own personal tastes, issues and circumstances. These form the basis of the Bootcamp Training, a 30 day personal development programme which is available for free here.

I’m really excited that you have stopped by, and hope that you will be taking the time and try out the urbangay approach. I’m always happy to hear from you: If you have any questions, want to share your experience or have suggestions or feedback, please get in contact. You can always contact me directly below.


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