A 30 activity workshop for gay men wanting to explore taoist and tantric sex

Colder days and longer nights outside. As the days get shorter, our evenings heat up (mornings optional!): 30 days of tantra practice (not just) for couples. Lots of insights, fun, intimate activities and hours of ecstasy guaranteed.

For whom?
Quick sex is great. Long sex is greater: if you are looking for a more intimate connection between you and your partner(s) – this program is for you.

Why join?
Explore real intimacy and “gourmet sex” instead of the fast food sex that is easy to find. A sensual journey for you – and your partner(s)

How to join?
Each day the activity will be posted on urbangay.org. You can access it for FREE by visiting the urbangay.org from 1-30 December 2017.

To make sure you get all activities, subscribe to the newsletter here – or check back daily when the workshop starts.After the workshop is complete, the combined activities will be available as a PDF-download.

Also remember to join the urbangay.org community to exchange ideas, connect and have fun with others!