A 30 day activity and self-discovery workshop for
> more self-esteem
> promoting a positive body image
> increasing self-love
for gay men.

Starting 1 May

The gay scene can be a hard place to accept ourselves and we often focus far too much on our weaknesses and forget to love ourselves.  In this month-long program, join us daily to focus on, explore, accept and love the most important person in your life: you. Discover ways to inner calm, look at yourself with kindness and accept all the little flaws that make you so lovable.

For whom?
A program for every gay man who wants to love himself a little more: because only when we love ourselves, can we receive and give love.

Why join?
Discover how to embrace you as the amazing human being that you really are – and allow others to love you the way you are, as a confident and happy gay man.

How to join?
Each day the latest activity will be posted on urbangay.org. You can access it for FREE by visiting the urbangay.org . There is no subscription, application or fee for taking partHowever, your feedback is very much welcome!
To make sure you get all activities, subscribe to the newsletter here – or check back daily from the 1. May.
After the 30. May, the combined activities will be available as a PDF-download.