A 30 activity and self-discovery workshop for gay men wanting to be more healthy, happy and active!

Good bye couch, hello new life: kickstart your healthier, more active and happier you with this 30 day program to develop your individual path to a happier, healthier you.

For whom?
Enjoy life instead of watching it from the couch. If you want to develop a happier, healthier and more active you, this program is for you.

Why join?
Learn how to become healthier and more active. Set your own goals and learn how to achieve them.

How to join?
Each day the activity will be posted on urbangay.org. You can access it for FREE by visiting the urbangay.org from 1-30 September 2017.

To make sure you get all activities, subscribe to the newsletter here – or check back daily when the workshop starts.After the workshop is complete, the combined activities will be available as a PDF-download.

Also remember to join the urbangay.org community to exchange ideas, connect and have fun with others!