Self-love is probably the most difficult and most neglected aspect of love for many people. So here is my personal list I made to remind myself just how important self-love is:

1. Self-love brings more love
No matter if you are looking for a new lover or are happy alone: practicing self-love will always attract more love into your life. And if there is one thing you can’t ever have too much of, it’s probably love…

2. Self-love spreads and trains empathy
Loving yourself and looking at yourself with empathy will not just train your brain to be gentle to you, but also give you the tools to show empathy and kindness to others (and those we can’t ever have too much of either!)

3. Self-love makes you healthy
Catch 22 alert: self-love may seriously increase your health and well-being. And increased health and well-being can seriously increase your self-love!

4. Self-love improves your self-image (and idea of self-worth)
Having a better idea of yourself is the key to getting what you want – you know, because you are really worth it!

5. Self-love gives you the tools for real progress
Knowing where you stand and start will help you to work on the best project of your life: you!

6. Self-love because you’ll always be there
People come and go… but you stay by your side. Always.

7. Self-love because it helps others to love themselves
At the beginning of working with self-love I thought self-love was selfish. It isn’t. In fact, it is the one thing that inspires self-love in others like nothing else.

8. Self-love because you’ll find your beauty
Too many critical voices in your head make for too many sad moments. But with real self-love, you’ll soon find that there is beauty right inside you – and it will also help to let others see your beauty!

P.S. If you want to kick-start your self-love, why not check out my 30 Day Self-Love program? With small tasks to perform every day, you can really transform the love you have for yourself.


8 top reasons for more self-love

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  • 12/02/2018 at 12:30

    Self love is so very important for gay men. I am a firm believer of the 8 steps you describe. After all, how can you be prepared to love another man if you can’t make that connection with yourself? Mega Happy Valentines Day hugs.

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