Enjoyed the workshop? Want to revisit some of the activities of Sexual Discovery? The complete 30 Days workshop materials are now available as a soft cover book and ebook!

30 days of sex positive activities, self discovery
and hot, playful learning!

Available now from any good bookseller.
ISBN 978-1973779131 (soft cover)   978-1370218707 (eBook)
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From multiorgasmic play to kink –
it’s a journey like no other.


Day 1 Overview and Expectations
Day 2 Sex Negativity
Day 3 Shame and Shaming
Day 4 Fear
Day 5 The Sex Positive Mindset
Day 6 Sexual Routines
Day 7  Writing your own script
Day 8 Owning Your Sex
Day 9  Sexual Learning
Day 10  Let’s talk about sex
Day 11  Consent
Day 12  Negotiating Consent
Day 13  Wanking and Masturbation
Day 14 Edge Yourself
Day 15 Microcosmic Orbit
Day 16  Emergency Stops
Day 17 Taoist Sex and the PC Muscles
Day 18 Tantra Breathing and Connecting
Day 19 Tantric Genital Massage
Day 20 Prostate Massage
Day 21 Tantric Sex
Day 22 Toys and Accessories
Day 23 Playing with Toys
Day 24 Exploring BDSM
Day 25 Playing BDSM
Day 26 Playing in Public
Day 27 Jealousy
Day 28  Playing with Others
Day 29 Your Personal Review
Day 30 The Journey Ahead

Sexual Discovery – now available as a book