Getting ready to welcome spring?  Here are the parties in Lisbon in March 2017 as far as I could find them. The recommended party of the month: Conga Club… because it is all about getting fit for summer!

Conga Club:
Dance for Fitness and Fun
4 March
– check their Facebook or Instagram Page for details

Maria Lisboa
3 March
Check their Facebook page for details

Spit ’n Polish:
11 March
@ Ministerium Club – check their Instagram page for more details

Centro LGBT:
More details on their Facebook page (in Portuguese)

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For the regulars, like Finalmente, Trumps, Construction and Co: check Lisbon Gay Circuit here.
And Comunidade Queer & Friends on has an agenda of various other activities.
Got an addition? Get in touch!

March Agenda for GayLisbon