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Today’s objective: Own your sexual journey

A key principle of sex positivism is owning your sex: which means taking ownership of the sex you have, the sex you want to share and your sexual explorations and discoveries. It also means that nobody should restrict the sex you choose to have and that you are responsible for the sex you engage in (or not, of course!). This, lets face it, sounds like a big responsibility… especially if sex was something that “just happenes”, like it is to many people.

One of the participants in the workshop commented on this activity: “I found this really quite challenging. I never really actively thought about the sex that I wanted to have. Sure, I knew of a few fantasies and I knew what kind of positions I liked. But really sitting down and writing down a sexual vision for me felt like a massive challenge”. He… [End of preview]

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Day 8: Owning your sex
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