How can mindfulness help you when you are facing a negative situation? After yesterday’s activity, the task today is to use mindfulness in a situation that you feel is, or could be, unpleasant.

In an unpleasant situation today, remember to switch from mindlessness to mindfulness: ideally this could be an ad hoc situation, for example, when someone is annoying you. When you feel that you are getting annoyed, rather than to act impulsively, try and observe yourself and the situation attentively. Like yesterday, try to describe to yourself the feelings you have, maybe any physical symptoms like feeling your blood getting into your head, a desire to really come back with a nasty remark, to run away, … whatever you feel, try and observe it as if you were a bystander observing the scene from a distance. As an observer, consider carefully how the person you are looking at should act now.

When the situation has passed, ask yourself: what effect does looking at your thoughts and feelings have. How do you feel about the outcome? How do you feel after the situation about yourself?

Also, don’t forget to share how you felt and how the activity was for you… you can use the comment function below. Or alternatively, use the hashtag #ug30bc on Twitter. See you again tomorrow!

Day 8: Awareness (2)
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