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Today’s objective: Understanding generosity and why non-material generosity is so important.

The word generosity normally evokes feelings of giving to others liberally: expensive presents, generous meals and … you name it. Many acts of generosity appear to entail selfless acts of giving away, to loved ones, or to charity, to a person in need… However, many psychological studies actually have shown that generosity is anything but selfless. In fact, one study even linked the right kind of generosity with longevity. So, right up there with gratitude, generosity seems to influence a person’s self-esteem in almost unlimited positive ways, being a true self-love corner stone (and also a pretty good promoter of health and happiness).

So what makes “good” generosity? Firstly it is important to stress that “good” generosity isn’t about buying a bigger gift. In fact, money and generosity are not necessarily linked at all. The key to good generosity is

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“I went from questioning myself and self doubting to
building love for myself. Thank you!”

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Day 6: Generosity
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