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Today’s objective: Plan your sexual discovery ahead.

Yesterday you picked your own highlights from the last 30 days. Maybe they included specific techniques or they were more general things that you learned about yourself and the way you want to live your sex life.

When speaking to guys who completed this workshop, everyone has a different highlight or take home message: Here are a couple of quotes from guys who worked through the workshop:

“I really took home the idea about communicating. It wasn’t something I used to do before. I just thought sex should happen.”

“I got into all the tantric things. It was something I experimented with before a bit, but never quite got my head around.”

“The most interesting part was the multi-orgasm technique. Slowly I’m starting to master it. This is what I’ll work on.”

“I never really considered sex positive or sex negative, and confused lots of sex with being sex positive. This idea changed the way I relate to my own sex.”

“The most profound thing of the workshop? Owning my sex life. Not blaming my boyfriend for the wrong sex. The scene. The guys. Whatever.”

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Day 30: The Journey Ahead