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Today’s objective: A quick review of all the main topics – and planning ahead!

You have reached the final day of this 30 Days workshop. Well done and congratulations on completing the entire journey!

Over the last month, the workshop has introduced many small (and sometimes not so small) tricks, tools and ways to increase your self-love. While completing yesterday’s activity, hopefully, you already noticed a few positive changes to your life. Let’s quickly recap the main topic areas:

Firstly, we looked at the three concepts self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love. Remember: they are often related but very different in the way they play out. The most important one for your personal happiness and satisfaction with life: self-love. Self-love has nothing to do with narcissism (which is


“I went from questioning myself and self doubting to
building love for myself. Thank you!”

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Day 30: Review
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