The only unnatural sex act is the one you cannot perform. (Alfred Kinsey) Click To Tweet

Today’s objective: Think about shame and shaming and how it sustains sex negativity

After yesterday’s activity you have probably found quite a few examples of sex negativity surrounding you. As one participant puts it when giving feedback: “I never imagined that some of the things around me would be so sex negative. I always thought sex negativity was something that happened in societies where sex is repressed. But now I see how much judgement there is linked to sex and being sexy even in a liberal society such as the UK. It almost is as if you can’t just be yourself without judgement”.

The question then is how is this sex negativity sustained? For a long time, many societies opted to sustain sex negativity by using laws to restrict sex and sexual expression. There are lots of examples for this: You can land in jail for a public display of affection in the United Emirates, gay or straight. Gay sex is forbidden in more than 70 countries around the world, adultery is a crime in Taiwan and the Philippines. Sex on a beach

Day 3: Shame and shaming
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