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Today’s objective: Think about playing… in public or outside

So far this workshop has focused mostly on the “technical” aspects of sex: that is to say one thing that the workshop hasn’t focused on, is where to play… However, exploring different options can create lots of excitement and add a lot of spice to your sex life.

Gay culture is, of course, full of public places where sex between men happens: parks, toilets and beaches for example. Sex bars, clubs, darkrooms and saunas also have a lot of public play spaces. Yet, it is an interesting observation, that many guys prefer to play “in private” once they are partnered. And while privacy may be a great argument to play at home, it deprives the couple (or even single guys who choose to hookup at home) many possible fun play spaces – and not just commercial ones.

“Once you think about going outside of the home playing gets very adventurous” is what one participant remarks after completing the workshop. “Suddenly you start to think of lots of places where you could have sex. And that’s quite hot.” Especially, if you are… [End of preview]

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Day 26: Playing in public or outside
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