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Today’s objective: Create a tantric experience

While Tantra often gets associated mostly with massage, tantric play can be much more between two or more lovers. The first and most important key to tantric play is that orgasm is not the objective. Rather, tantric play emphasises the intimate connections between lovers, through mutual touch, meditation, massage and sex.

It makes sense that such a play session is not hurried, rather that it slowly evolves from the initial connecting phases to actual sex and climax. While the popular idea of three or more hours of sex is quite extreme, you can imagine that this type of playing takes significantly more time than the standard “fuck and go”. The effect of this is that, especially after some training, sex starts to take a whole new meaning for tantric practitioners: it becomes an intensely satisfying experience. And while it takes some amount of planning, the increased satisfaction and pleasure derived from a full tantric session makes this worthwhile. As one participant said: “When I started practicing tantric sex, simply finding the time and peace was a challenge. But the more I practiced, the better it got. And eventually having tantric sessions has become like planning afternoons or evenings for me and my partner. We really have certain days where we are fully planning ahead to perform a tantric session in the evening, for example. The reward is certainly worth it. As we are now much more soulmates, connected through intimacy and mind-blowing sessions of sex”.

Rituals and scripts are the cornerstone of tradition-inspired spiritual tantra practice. However,

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Day 21: Tantric Sex
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