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Today’s objective: Brush up on the male G-spot

It’s probably a pretty open secret that a man’s most pleasurable body part is not the penis… but what lies behind the penis: the prostate gland, the male g-spot or the scared gland as some tantric practitioners call it. Whatever you call it, it is the gland that gives you the most pleasure when you bottom – or when you massage the scrotum.

If you have never tried to locate the gland, it is also fairly easy to find. You can try it out either by yourself or on your partner: Insert a (well lubricated) finger in the anus. Now bend the finger slightly towards the penis. You’ll feel a small, walnut-size “bump”. This is the prostate gland.

Giving and receiving a prostate massage can be a highly pleasurable experience for both guys: For the receiver because… [End of preview]

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Day 20: Prostate Massage
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