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Today’s objective: Learn about Sex Negativity both in the environment as well as in the way we talk to ourselves.

Yesterday I said that the key to sexual happiness lies in adopting a sex positive attitude. I also said that most societies (and individuals!) are sex negative, and many people internalise this negativity.  The terms are a little confusing though, as sex negative doesn’t mean that there is no sex (or sex positivity that sex is everywhere). What it means is that in sex negative societies sex is subject to lots of interference and regulation from ‘social norms’. That is to say, either the society, or the individual who holds sex negative views, has fairly rigid views about what is acceptable and what is not. The root to this is that sex is seen as something negative, shameful, that can hurt or somehow distract you from ‘real life’.  It becomes overloaded with fear, shame and guilt. At the same time, sex is also seen as necessary,

Day 2: Sex Negativity
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