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Today’s objective: Explore tantric massage techniques

Tantric massage has achieved something of a nearly mystical status. And while it is an amazing ways to massage your partner, in the end, tantric massage is relatively similar to a gentle massage… with the exception of it ending up focusing on the penis (or lingam as it is called in Tantric circles). Of course, it is important to remember that, although there is focus on the penis, an actual orgasm is a bonus – but it is not the foremost goal of the massage.

To start a tantric massage session make sure the room is warm and comfortable. Music can help enormously to relax. If you want you can use a connection ritual to start the massage: Either use the one from yesterday, or alternatively, ask the person to lie on his front, and touch each chakra gently for three breaths. Synchronise your breathing and start at the heart chakra, and then work your way from the root chakra to the crown chakra (see yesterday). Once you have connected, ask the person to turn around and, start gently massaging his back, shoulder, arms, his legs and his arse. Once you are done with the back, ask him to turn around. You can return to the shoulders, then his chest, tummy and legs. Remember there is no correct or incorrect way to massage him or any sequence to follow. It is about connecting and preparing him for the lingam massage. A few tips:… [End of preview]

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Day 19: Tantric Genital Massage (Lingam Massage)
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