If you talked to your friend the way you talk to your body, you’d have no friends left. (Marcia G. Hutchinson) Click To Tweet

Today’s objective: Think about the consequences of a negative body image

Yesterday we explored the important difference between body image, the way we see ourselves, and actual appearance, how we actually and factually look like. You may think at this point that having a slightly negative body image isn’t really such a big deal – after all we all have something we don’t like about our bodies. And making changes to your appearance can be, after all, a very good thing: For example, taking up exercise is a brilliant thing to increase self-love (see day 15!).

And while it is true that making changes to your appearance can be beneficial in some cases, body image issues are a very different matter: Although body image

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“I went from questioning myself and self doubting to
building love for myself. Thank you!”

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Day 19: Effects of Body Image Issues
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