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Today’s objective: Experiment with tantric connection

Tantra, at least for gay men, has become synonymous for massage through the pioneering work of several writers and teachers who have adopted Tantra to gay sex. However, it is important to note that Tantra goes far beyond slow and intimate forms of massage: it is about connecting fully with the other person through breathing, touch and sex. In other words, it is about a deep and intimate connection.

Tantra has some similarities to Taoist views about sex. Two particularly important similarities are that both use breathing extensively (though differently) and both consider the way you have sex more important than orgasm and especially ejaculation. Different to Taoism, many Tantra practitioners do not practice semen retention, although some have adopted this from Taoism.

Tantric sex generally heaps a lot of spirituality onto having sex, something that maybe appealing for some, but very off-putting for others. Over the next few days I’m inviting you to explore Tantra not from a spiritual perspective, but to focus on the experience. I’m therefore not going to delve into many of the more spiritual explanations and practices, but focus more on the techniques that make Tantra a very uniquely intimately sexual experience. If you want to explore the spiritual side of (gay) Tantra, please check out the store at You’ll find several recommended books there about the subject.

The beginning of a Tantric ritual (or let us call it Tantric sex) is always establishing a connection between the people. This creates a feeling of intense intimacy between the people. “I really never imagined how intense the feelings can be. It was quite a shock really when I first started and something I never imagined. It seems simple in a way, but really powerful”, is how one participant describes his first experiences. The key elements of this introduction… [End of preview]

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Day 18: Tantra Breathing and Connecting
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