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Today’s objective: Learn “emergency stop” techniques to avoid ejaculation

Breathing, as practiced yesterday, is very effective to delay ejaculation to a stage where you are well into ecstasy territory and with some training it should become a natural way to have multiple orgasms for a man. However, it is possible that occasionally you need to apply an emergency stop, quite literally. The problem with this is that an emergency stop is quite abrupt, so it really ends the sex you are having for a bit. For some guys this is a problem as some loose their erection over this. Therefore, breathing and the microcosmic orbit are preferable as they are continuous and doesn’t stop the flow. However, if you plan to continue, it is better to stop rather than ejaculate and end the sex.

There are two fairly easy to learn techniques for an emergency stop. I’d suggest that you try both them out as part of today’s activity on your own first. Like that you know how it feels.

The first one is… [End of preview]

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Day 16: Emergency Stops
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