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Today’s objective: Learn to breathe to prolong sex without ejaculation

While you were performing yesterday’s activity, you might have noticed the crucial role that breathing has when you are close to cuming. Many guys speed up their breath when they are approaching orgasm, some hold their breath immediately before. As during Taoist sex you try to avoid ejaculation (but not orgasm) you can use breath as a way to control you. The most basic way is to intentionally breathe slowly and regularly. For some guys slowing down the breathing is enough to bump you over the line between orgasm and ejaculation, meaning that you are entering into a state of ecstasy without ejaculating. As a participant describes this stage: “It all seems quite the usual stuff until I get to this point where I get really close. After breathing, the feeling totally changes. It then feels as if I’m in trance or a different state and I can go on and on for a while before I have to stop and calm down for a while”.

While you can simply breathe deeply and slowly as a way to delay ejaculation, a different way is what Taoists call using the “Microcosmic Orbit”:… [End of preview]

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Day 15: Taoist Breathing, the Microcosmic Orbit
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