Today’s activity is around affirmations. It’s not strictly speaking meditation nor hypnosis, but something that can “switch” your mind to a different mood. If you are skeptical at this moment, you are probably not alone. But give it a try and see if you feel any effect.

The good thing about affirmations is that they tend to be quick and easy ways to stop negative thoughts or even a negative mindset and focus on something positive. You can therefore use them as a tool in everyday life – or use them more long-term as a way to train your mind to think more positively.

For a short-term thinking change, you can use the affirmation technique simply by repeating something in your head (or out loud if you are alone). Then act the way as if that would be true. So, for example, if you feel like being in a bad mood, take your mind off it, by saying to yourself “Wow! I’m really lucky. I live in the most amazing city in the world.” (or something else that you are grateful for, or that is positive). Repeat this affirmation a few times in your head, and believe it to be true until your mood changes. Note: Of course, please don’t use a clearly untrue affirmation. So, on a cold winters day, don’t attempt to “talk” the day into a hot summers day 😉

If you want to try a more general approach to affirmations, with more long-term effects, try guided affirmations. This short collection of affirmations (10mins approx) for example. Produced by the Honest Guys, it is a set of general positive affirmations. I very much like their voice and music (so do explore the rest of their videos if you like!). With general affirmations, remember though, that while they may be shifting your mood temporarily, too, they generally take a bit longer to become perceived reality. While you are doing them, however, please visualise that they are true right now for them to be effective.

I hope you are enjoying the affirmations, and that you are starting to feel the effects of the mindfulness and meditation exercises we have made so far. Let me know how you feel things are going. Please use the comment function below – or #ug30bc on Twitter. Tomorrow will be the last of the “first section” of the bootcamp: We will be heading for erotic and sexy meditation practice… see you then!

Day 14: Meditation as a tool for change – Affirmations
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