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Today’s objective: Remind yourself of the power you have to make yourself and others happy by smiling.

Yesterday you already experimented with the power of changing your feelings and emotions through postures, gestures and facial expressions. While yesterday we mostly focused on the effect it has on you, today we try and expand the circle a little – and focus on the effect changing the way you act can have on others. You know the saying: “When I smile, the world smiles back.” Today is the day to put that into action.

There are, of course, many reasons to smile. And I’m not just talking about things that make you happy. Smiling releases a host of different hormones, like dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. Yes, these are exactly those hormones that are responsible for moderate exercise being nearly as powerful as anti-depressants (we come back to that in two days), the hormones that make us feel loved and that reduce pain and stress. In other words, when you smile you

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“I went from questioning myself and self doubting to
building love for myself. Thank you!”

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Day 13: Smile
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